Taste of Cherokee

A letter from our CEO & Cofounder, Spencer Nix

I’ve never been more excited about the future of the communities we serve than I am today. We are on the cusp of opening another community brewery in Smyrna at The Eddy at Riverview Landing, as well as adding more local entrepreneurs into the experiences around the brewery locations in Canton at The Mill on Etowah and in Woodstock in the heart of downtown.

Being around other local businesses and entrepreneurs reinvigorates the passion for why we do what we do, and at my age, it’s a real gift.

Let me give a quick reminder of why this is awesome. We live in an increasingly homogenized world where our differences are critically overstated. Now more than ever, locally owned businesses are vital to preserving and reflecting the distinctive characteristics of a community.

These businesses help build stronger communities by connecting neighbors in a web of economic and social causes. The decisions these independent businesses make directly impact their community, which brings the added value of care on how these decisions are made.

Did I mention that compared to chains, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, deepening the whole community? Or how they create more local jobs and, in many cases, better wages compared to chains? Or how we are less of a strain on infrastructure compared to box stores and strip malls? 

We care about sustainability and keeping our communities vibrant, connected, walkable and less polluted. And lastly, our presence gives customers product diversity based on our own community’s interests and needs and not a national sales plan. 

Today marks another step where local independent businesses come together for the good of each other and the community we are privileged to serve. In Woodstock, where we research and develop most of our wild and crazy ideas, you will now be able to walk into one building in the heart of downtown Woodstock and enjoy some of the best that our county has to offer: Reformation Brewery, Weekly Games, ALMA Coffee, and Queenies BBQ; all Cherokee born and raised independent businesses.

I’m not sure if we are making history, but what I am sure of is three different local independent owners are coming together in this world around shared values, vision, and purpose and I’m beyond excited for what that means for our community.

So come and bring your out-of-town friends and relatives to give them a taste of Cherokee; have a farm to cup latte, put down the phone and play a game, enjoy some of the best Q you’ve ever eaten, and finish strong with a well-made beer in community, for the community. Here we stand.