Unapologetically Free

It’s that time of year — when we celebrate our nation’s independence as well as Set Beer Free Day. It’s got me thinking more about freedom and independence. Have we taken them for granted? Are they terms we use to bully our own agendas? What values and convictions truly empower freedom?

I keep coming back to the value of moderation.

Moderation rejects the notion that we have to align with one or the other side to be known. In this third way is freedom. Freedom from the trappings of these lesser narratives. Freedom to forge a path that leads to joy, rather than the bondage of comparison. An independence that finally “kills approval’s craving tyrants,” and liberates us to the pursuit of happiness.

Drink what you like, but be empowered by your choice to LIVE RESPONSIBLY, LIVE FREE! Your choices empower and support the methods and ways beer is produced and sold.

The cause of freedom and independence matters. Your freedom as a beer consumer matters. Supporting independence matters.

When you choose to support an independent brewery it matters to each employee, the owners, and the families of that indie brewery. It matters to the local community where craft, creativity, conversations, and cultures collide. It matters to the places where the product is sold. Your freedom matters.

Let’s not apologize for choosing independence. In fact we should be “frightened by those who don’t see it.” May we live and enjoy this moment of independence regardless of who is elected, regardless of which team you cheer for, and regardless how you hang the toilet paper. Life is not always black and white, freedom is sometimes hiding in the gray.

May we live and enjoy this moment of independence without apology.

Set Beer Free.

Spencer Nix
CEO, Co-founder
Reformation Brewery

(678) 341-0828