In a city where there is a lot of “new for newness sake,” Variety Playhouse has stood its ground.


Going back is like meeting up with an old friend. Familiar, even with its updates. Nostalgic and reliably unexpected, in a neighborhood that never fails to surprise.

When you discover Little Five Points for the first time, you get the feeling that you’ve discovered something special. Something unique. Variety Playhouse and L5P are timeless in that way.

It’s like finding a go-to beer. There’s that sudden feeling of found comfort. Familiarity from the unknown that makes the present moment feel like home.

Variety Playhouse has been the source of many great introductions, and getting to know artist R. Land is no exception. Passionate, community-focused, with a deep love for the city of Atlanta as a whole, he’s a man that loves this city — not for what it was or what it could be, but what it is today. His work is featured in the mural outside Variety Playhouse, showcasing both his characteristic style, and the colors and forms of the Reformation brand.

If you are an Atlanta native, chances are you already have his artwork in mind. His ‘Pray for ATL,‘ seen all around the city, is a prayer for now. For the gritty streets and the gleaming high rises just the same.

“In the heart of Atlanta, in the connecting neighborhoods and villages, I feel this grand sense of community […] That is the real Atlanta. Soulful, charming in spite of itself and chock full of energetic people who seem for the most part happy to be here. It doesn’t hurt that it has such unique and vibrant music and art scenes and all the great food and night spots.”

Like us, R. Land’s work is about creating conversation. It’s a great moment to see our stories overlap. A unity of art, beer, and entertainment. We need a reason to find the overlap. To create moments of shared experience that break through the noise.

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