By Tommasina Marlow Lash

… to ramble, to roam, to meander, to follow those natural instincts that lead us to the places that bring us back to ourselves.

As I ponder the word “wanderer,” it stirs in me a wistfulness to my childhood growing up camping in the Cohutta Wilderness. My brother and I would head out from camp with a few snacks and no set destination or timing and spend the whole day discovering the beauty of the mountains and the forest. I think back to those days longingly. When did we lose our natural childhood ability to just wander?

One of my favorite quotes from Cloud Atlas is “Travel far enough to meet yourself.” How fortunate we are to live in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains where in a matter of hours we can find ourselves in their heart and if we’re lucky our way back to our own.

We get up each day and we have to play this endless game to keep up with schedules and commitments. It takes so much focus in this fast paced world that we begin to lose touch with that organic free spirit within us. How do we find our way back?


I teach yoga as a way to reconnect people to their ability to do this. I believe that what we practice on the yoga mat will translate to our life off the mat. This month at Reformation in honor of Nolan the Wanderer we will explore and remember how to just be, go with the flow, and wander just for the sake of where it will take us.

We cannot always drive into the mountains and find ourselves lost in their beauty. But, each time we come to our yoga mats we can find that same beauty within ourselves by allowing ourselves to appreciate each sensation we feel, every new thing we discover about our bodies, mind and emotions. We can practice just being in the moment…letting go for that time to just open up.

Sometimes it is hard when we have to live in such a focused time conscious way to transition into a state of wandering. Yoga gives us tools though to help. We use the physical postures of asana in yoga and the linking movements of vinyasa to ground us in our bodies. And, when we do this consciously linking the movement with our breath, the breath becomes a bridge that takes us deeper into ourselves.

We really can shift our energy from that driven goal oriented day to day to a relaxed energy that will allow us to be open to just wandering.

Oh, how much we discover both outward and inward when we can come from an open place of childlike discovery! Remember you? Let’s find our way back together. This month our class at Reformation will be especially committed to the Wanderer within each of us.


Come and enjoy the wandering music, the yoga, and most of all your beautiful self that we’ll find along the way!

Wander with us.

Tommasina Marlow Lash

Yoga Instructor

Tommasina teaches yoga throughout the local area at several studios. She has completed  800 hrs of teacher training and enjoys sharing with others what she has learned along her journey.  She offers various workshops too and has an upcoming yoga retreat this summer in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Follow her on Instagram @tommasina_yogini to keep up with all the fun!

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