Creating Moments and Celebrating Big Wins with Friends

Game Night: The Ultimate Checkmate

If you’re like us, Game Night is the perfect way to celebrate the gift of good friends and healthy competition. Bring people together with a new twist on an old favorite that offers feelgood vibes, a cognitive brain boost, and an opportunity for laughter.

Why should you game with us? Here’s a few great reasons:

  • The easy one: Because it’s fun! Who doesn’t need more fun in their life? Make the most of moments by making some amazing memories.
  • It’s analogue. Living in a world that’s digitally connected all the time, going analogue can give us a chance to experience something more authentic and meaningful than a “like.”  
  • Game play sharpens our brains, and gives us better social skills! Playing strategy games is one way to practice solving problems and gives you a chance to demonstrate effective problem-solving if you’re playing with younger players. Improve social skills and invite conversation by playing games that encourage players to ask questions. (Bonus: this can also lead to higher emotional intelligence.)
  • Create a sense of teamwork – Some games just can’t be played without a teammate! Whether you’re playing with friends, a spouse, or children, game night gives you the opportunity to support each other. Another thing we could all use a little more of.
  • Introduce (or reintroduce) tradition – The great thing about a regular game night? It’s planned and almost guaranteed to happen without interruptions. Traditions offer comfort, familiarity and something to look forward to, whether it’s once a week or once a month.

Whether you bring your own group of friends or make a few new ones, stake your claim on board games, card games, and more from our collection or bring your own favorites. For us, Game Night is all about creating moments to celebrate big wins with friends.


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