“Some prefer the wildness. Some the calm. There’s enough of both
in the world for everyone to have their choice. And enough time for any
to change their mind.” ― Nora Roberts

Wilder is a Blackberry Strong Ale who owes it’s character and rich color to the bramble. Blackberry, orange peel, and pilsner malts, lend a bright, assertive tartness and dry finish to this limited, draft only offering.

Style Overview

A Belgian-Style Strong Ale by style, these beers are described as having a moderate yet distinctive perfumy, floral hop character with esters often reminiscent of lighter fruits such as pears, oranges or apples. Subtle spicy, peppery phenols can sometimes be detected.

Drier and lighter in color than a Belgian Tripel, often with fruity, complex aromas and a light malt character, Belgian Strong Ales are approachable to many palates and often on the higher end of the ABV spectrum. 


Wilder Blackberry Strong Ale

Enjoy Wilder while it lasts in our Keeping Room and at a tap near you.


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