Cheers to our brewers for taking home the Bronze in the 2019 US Open Beer Beer Championship for this year’s JOGR The Juicy Lager. This year’s JOGR highlights Citra & Loral hops for its juicy hop character. 

Run responsibly to your favorite local retailers to find this award winning Juicy Lager today! findreformation.com

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Cheers to our brewers for winning gold for Cadence at the Big South Beer Competition in 2018!

Judges notes (published with permission):

“Excellent beer, well done! Maybe a little clear and possibly slightly lower on the dark fruit, but right in the wheelhouse of style and also very dry, drinkable Trappist rather than the sweeter Abbey versions. Great job!” – Phil Farrell, BJCP Grand Master V

“Great job! Very drinkable. Awesome example of a Dubbel – rich, malty, complex flavor profile. Every sip wants me drinking more. Looking forward to the next sip.” – Teri Rogers, BCJP Recognized Judge

Cheers to our brewers for earning a Bronze in the 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards for Jude, our Belgian Tripel at the 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards. This timeless favorite is one of our favorite year round offerings. Come taste this classic at your neighborhood Reformation, or look for it at independent retailers near you in the Georgia market!

Declaration and Cadence take home Bronze at the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards!


The 4th annual ‘Best of Craft Beer Awards’ were held last weekend in Bend at the Mount Bachelor Village Resort, where 245 medals were awarded out of 1,755 entries from 245 breweries. This event has quietly become one of the larger pro beer awards in the country… {read more}

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