You could say that we’re totally into all things Pi Day: it’s a chance for us to get together on March 14th and celebrate our favorite mathematical constant (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — approximately 3.14159…..) our favorite beverage (beer, of course) and one of our favorite foods: pizza!

Pizza and beer are a classic, beautiful combination, and as lovers of math, beer and pizza, we wanted to explore a few other great possibilities that make pizza and beer the iconic pairing we know and love. Here are a few of our favorite pint and pie pairings, to be enjoyed any time, any where, not just on Pi Day:

Supreme pizza – Otherwise known as “Pizza from the grown-up table” when you’re a kid staring down at a pizza covered in a rainbow of toppings. With time, we’ve come to realize we were really missing out while chowing down on plain cheese slices with the crusts cut off. The blend of all those bold ingredients – peppers, onions, olives, pepperoni, sausage – demand to be paired with an equally bold choice like Nolan, our rotating IPA. The hoppy bite of a sip of Nolan perfectly cuts through with delicious flavor without getting lost in all the ingredients.

White pizza – On the other side, sometimes your palette just isn’t feeling it with all that tomato sauce.  If you’re in the mood for something light and creamy and smooth, settle into a pie with a bunch of different cheeses, little or no sauce, some crushed garlic, and a Belgian-Style Ale like Haddy. You’ll feel refreshed and lighter than air (Or, at least, lighter than you’re used to after having pizza and beer for dinner).

Margherita pizza – Feeling a little fancy? Sometimes the occasion calls for one of the more traditional Italian pies with a thin crust, fresh tomatoes, basil, and heaping spoonfuls of fresh mozzarella or ricotta cheese. Why not pump up that fancy feeling with a Sour Alani, our Rosé Ale?  The sweet pucker of Alani’s cranberry and hibiscus notes will naturally complement the ripeness of your tomatoes, offering the acidic balance to cut through the richness of your cheese, in a pie that just so perfectly “summer.”

Buffalo Chicken – When you want to add a little heat to your pizza, why not combine your favorite comfort foods in slices of spicy, cheesy goodness? A favorite for anyone wanting to combine the delicious tastes of chicken wings and pizza, you’re gonna want to head off the inevitable heartburn with something crisp to balance everything out. Enter Jude, our Belgian Tripel, with its clean citrus finish and sweet malts, and you have a pair worthy of repeating whenever your cravings for pizza and beer strike.

All Meats – When you’re ready to just go for it. All the meats on your pizza, that is. Often served with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and sometimes ground beef, an all-meat pizza is a carnivore’s dream. Pair all that salty, spicy, crispy goodness with our Juicy Lager, JOGR, and rock your palette even harder. You earned it.  

A Classic: Pepperoni – Is there anything more classic than pepperoni? We’re partial to a slice of cheesy pepperoni paired with a true classic like Cadence, our Belgian-style Ale. With hints of caramel and figs, Cadence pops in between the bold, spicy flavors of pepperoni. All day, every day, pepperoni is a true classic.

Perfect Beer Pairings For Mother’s Day

Flowers and homemade cards are at the top of Mother’s Day gift lists, but why not show your love with a gift of a different kind? What about a beer bouquet? And just like those flowers you were going to get her, there’s something special and different about each one.

Here’s a guide to our favorite pairings for a special mother in your life:

  • Do you know a mom with a wild spirit? Someone who just can’t be tamed? May is the perfect month to take her to Reformation and honor her with a Wilder. Sweet and tart (blackberry, cranberry, black currant, and ginger), Wilder is a limited time beer brewed from our research and development facility in Downtown Woodstock.
  • Laughter is contagious. Often your favorite moms are the ones who just make you laugh. Alani the Lighthearted offers that perfect rosé ale everyone’s after. Bright and playful with grape and hibiscus among its notes, Alani is a hybrid of wine and beer that any of the wine-loving moms in your life are going to want to try…and try, and try. This is another seasonal, only available in spring and summer!
  • When you’re around someone that makes you better, every day is a gift. Show gratitude with Cadence. Reformation’s award-winning original is a Belgian tripel with delicious notes of caramel and fig. This beer is for the mother in your life who’s as sweet as candy.
  • Know an adventure lover? Travel buff? Our Rotating IPA Nolan the Wanderer could be her perfect pairing. Nolan changes every four months so your beer-loving adventurer can always try something new. Nolan’s latest adventure is Golden Cashmere, perfectly matched to the season with hints of mango and papaya.
  • Offer the one you person you know has a heart of gold our Georgia’s Gold Jude. This Belgian-style tripel is sweet, citrusy, and has a high alcohol content. Because someone with a good and pure heart deserves to have a little more fun.
  • Mothers are the sunshine of our lives and Oren is the bright sunshine of beers. Easy-going, low alcohol, and smooth for the summer, Oren will light up the life of your favorite mom.  
  • For the mom who drinks well with others, the quiet, classic Haddy. This Belgian white is like a bouquet itself, with coriander and lemon providing a smooth and graceful drinking experience. If your mom’s classy…this one’s for her.

Gather the influential women in your life and toast to perfect pairings with the gift of good beer.

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