Sept. 1st New Menu Options

SEPT. 1ST Reformed Menu Options **BEGINNING IN SEPTEMBER** NEW HOURS: Wednesday 5pm - 9pm Thursday 5pm - 9pm Friday 5pm - 10pm Saturday 12pm - 10pm Sunday 2pm - 6pm NEW SERVING OPTIONS: Enjoy beer on your terms. Sample, celebrate, and raise a glass with flights, short...

500 Years of the Reformation

500 YEARS OF THE REFORMATION 1517-2017 It's been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg.    Here We Stand It's been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church in...

Oren IPA | Made for Moments of Refuge

Oren is an India Pale Ale who owes it’s citrus aroma and flavor to late additions of Azacca & Mosaic hops. Easy-drinking, low alcohol, and made for moments of refuge. Whether it’s an escape from the southern summer heat, or a moment of refreshment in a chaotic world, raise a glass to your story.

Perfectly Paired Summer Reads

What makes a great summer read? Sometimes a dark and twisty book can surprise you in the best ways. Honest adventures begin on ordinary days. Cheers to summer reading, writing our own great stories every day, and to books (and beers) that surprise us!

Donuts & Beer – A Perfect Pair

Rediscover two old time favorites. Donuts and beer go hand in hand. Test out these perfectly paired combinations or explore your own sweet adventures, and let us know about the results!

May & June Moments

Cheers to sweet adventures, time on the trails, and moments made for celebrating the good life. Join us in July with your favorite Reformation on hand. Never miss a moment with weekly updates in our newsletter on events in our Keeping Room and out in the market.


A microbiologist and little known mastermind behind our Imperial Stout, when Paul’s not counting yeast cells, keeping tabs on quality assurance, and greasing the wheels on all things stuck around the brewery, you’ll find him tending to his home garden, pairing up his favorite curry with his favorite company, and telling jokes like ike a true Irishman.

Meditation & Movement on Tap

“If you are familiar with our brand, one of the things that we talk about a lot is that we really try to create community with the platform that we have been given,” said Merry Quarles, event manager of Reformation Brewery. “The beer is great, but it needs to be about...

Swift & Finch Coffee Featured in Regional Beer

Neat, exciting and unifying are words that Ellie Mahon, owner of Swift & Finch Coffee, 600 Broad St., uses to describe the reaction to the use of a special coffee in Stark — a toasted porter beer being brewed at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock. “We haven’t had a...


MAY THE FOURTH Be With Brew 05.04.17 Will you be drawn to the dark side, or join forces with the light? Join us in an intergalactic battle of beers -- Jedi vs. Sith this Thursday, May 4th in our Keeping Room and at participating taps near you. Battlefronts have...

North Georgia BBQ On Tap

Over the last two years I have come to experience the community and growing reputation of North Georgia BBQ. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been eating and loving BBQ my whole life, but what I’m experiencing now is a bastion of BBQ innovation and craftsmanship. A lot of these craftsmen are weekend BBQ warriors…

Rooted in service.

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” Reformation Stands is propelled by the joy of the story to set all gifts free. We are intentional in our support of events, causes, and projects, and we give priority to those who align with our values and efforts to set beer free.